When others aren’t looking

Or: The sun and the shadows

Oh, how I love sunsets! The perfect time to actually taking some shots. Silhouettes and shadows are coming, the light is much smoother and the colours are enfolding. All caused by the wonderful sunset.

I was just looking outside to see that the shadows were now ready to be banned on camera. Spent a bit outside in the front garden and was playing around with the settings.

A lower contrast can do wonders sometimes. I was pretty much fascinated how the sun made everything look like on fire. And the clouds were amazing too. Like the earth would go down in a minute.

Silhouetting is one of my favourite kinds of taking a photo now. I find it exciting because I decide how a photo look like, what kind of feeling it should transport and how intense I want the colours to be.

This sunset was really amazing, not just the colours were stunning, the shadows, I played around with, were absolutely on spot. The right place at the right time.

After I finished I was just amazed by this sunset, it was worth the time waiting for all the colours, the sun to enfold it’s magic show and the shadows to come out. The sunset shaped a wonderful scenery. This was truly outstanding.

I looked

…while others aren’t looking.

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