A Photographer’s Dream

Or: Being amazed while taking your time

My boyfriend and I went to Thanet/Kent in the UK for a little holiday at his parents house. I always love it there, nature, sea, wind and the surrounding area is really nice.

The next day, Friday, I went alone to the coast and beach to take my time to practise my photography skills. I’ve spent almost 2 hours out there and was amazed by everything that I saw. We went there for a couple of times now, but this time I had my camera and tripod with me. And a lot of time with no rush to get it all done in a short time.

It was literally just me, the camera and the tripod. Walking around the coast and beach. First I’ve made my way to the beach, a little walk down but when I arrived there, it was amazing. It was slightly windy but not too cold. I took deep breaths in before I started to take photos.

And I was very prepared. I had a plan what I wanted to have and where I wanted to walk. All in my head and it was good to know that I had all the time in the world to live my photographer’s dream during these almost 2 hours.

As I said many times: you have to be patient. I was. Waiting for a wave can cost time but it is worth it. Trust me.

Slowly made my way around the beach. I couldn’t get enough of everything at this moment. So soothing, so relaxing.

And sometimes it’s good to turn around and take a shot where objects are in the far distance.

After this photo I went up again to see more of the beautiful seaside. But from a higher point of view.

I walked around then on the top of the coast, a lot of things to explore!

Although I’ve been here for a couple of times, this day was like I’ve seen it all for the first time.

Wonderful place and the people were looking at me, in this photo they were standing on the right side behind me. But they were all friendly and they were even greeting me.

I was patient for this one again, took me about 5-6 minutes. But I think it was worth it.

Two seagulls relaxing in the sun. One of my favourite photos, I must say. They were just about 3 meters away from me.

The Kingsgate Castle. A very impressive building. Even from the distance.

These two were once connected to each other. It was like a lookout back in the day.

Oh, my loved Clifftop Ruin. I don’t why but I love this little ruin.

I couldn’t get into it anymore because of the new fence. But still worth staying a little while to take photos. After this I turned around again to get back to the house of my boyfriend’s parents.

 Found this bench on my way back. Was sitting there for a while and just relaxed for a moment.

Sunset the same day. The clouds came and were covering most of the sun. But I knew that there will be another lovely sunset coming.

Margate! Lovely little town, about 20 minute drive from the parents house. This was all new to me, a lot to see and to explore.

I was really fascinated by all the details. And that is a normal street lamp!

The weather was incredibly awesome this day.

The Margate Clock Tower. Pretty and impressive. I love the details on the tower. They put so much effort in it!

On our way back, I found this sleeping beauty. I love cats and their relaxing character.

This sunset. I really have to admit that this one was the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever experienced. My boyfriend came with me to see the sunset, of course, and to ask me a few questions about what I’m doing when I take photos. He was really interested in and he even took some photos.

One of my favourite shots during the sunset. This is a shot I’ve always wanted.

The proportion of the sun and these three people. I was fascinated by that.

The sunset was nearly over, but we’ve seen was beyond beautiful. This sunset will always be a part of my memories and a part of my photo collection.

This little holiday was so relaxing, I learned a lot and my boyfriend bought me an advanced book about photography, which I’m reading at the moment. To me it is interesting and really helpful. Even if it is in another language, I won’t give up reading it. It’s sometimes complicated to read it all in English, but the more I read, the more I understand.

If you’ve never been to the southcoast, you should. It is worth, trust me. It’s like a relaxing resort, where you can really find the peace of mind during that time. There is a lot more to explore and it never ends.

Thank you for reading and that I could show you all of this.

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