The Power of Black and White

Or: More intensity without colours

At some point it’s good not to use any colours to make a photo even more dramatic and intense. Do you tried it before? It sounds easy when someone says: “I love to take my photos in black and white.” It is not easy at all. You need to know when you want to take your photo in black and white, the light must be right, the shadow needs to be exact and you need an eye for detail.

It is sometimes a bit tiring to find the right adjustments to finally take the shot. But in the end… it is worth the patience, it is worth to wait and play around with the light. You can easily practice at home. Get a light stand, maybe a black background, a chair and your camera on the tripod and simply start taking photos of you with the delayed-action shutter release.

I took a lot of photos of myself and then my boyfriend came in. I took a few of him too and I enjoyed it so much. It was spontaneous and I think he liked it too. To play around with light and shadow in black and white mode is really fun and inspiring. You can create all sorts of moods with it.

Really all sorts of moods. This photo above was shot during the day, in black and white mode and few adjustments on the camera it looks like the moon peeking through the clouds.

Be inventive when it comes to black and white photography. There are no real limits, it just has to be the right light/shadow balance and then: you can create every mood you want!

I found black and white photography really satisfying and kind of mystic because you sometimes you can’t tell what’s on the photo.

I will definitely practice more with black and white and light and shadow.  It is just so inspiring and calming all over.

Take your time if you do it, don’t rush or force anything. It might even take a few days to get a good shot! But don’t give up, hang in there, practice when you can and when you’re in the mood. (Or when you aren’t, might be good too, who knows?)

In the end you will be always rewarded, if it’s not with a photo, then it’s with experience.

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