Study Refurb

DIY is always the best option to minimize cost and redecorate the room the way you want.

The Dave Cavern

When we first got the house, this was the room I’d reserved for my study or ‘man cave’. As you can see, the wallpaper was a fairly horrible green. What’s more, and you can’t quite see it in the photo below, but there was quite a lot of dirt on the wallpaper that had accumalated through the years, so it was sort of a ‘dirty green’. This had to change.


In December 2016, we decided to sort this out. Painstakingly, Conny took all of the wallpaper off the wall while I was at work. It then looked like this:

walls before

The final step was to seal and then paint the walls. We went for matt white and grey:


Now it looks a lot better and more open. The lights in the alcoves really make it look good at night, and I have them hooked up to a Phillips Hue lighting system…

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