Taking photos when you’re moody

Or: Making the best out of it 

I was very moody the past days. Distraction was much needed and so I was looking around for photos to take. I didn’t need to search long for distraction.

All I needed to do was to go outside with my camera to capture my mood and face it.

Definitely something you should always try. Just you and the camera in your hands.

My mood was little bit better after spending time outside of the house for a bit. Not far away but worth it.

After a heavy rainfall the drops were so clear and the freshness of the air was inspiring again. Clearing your mind and getting over the mood feels so good.

Mother Nature was funny too and showed me that there is always light in the darkest mood. Even if it was just a leaf with a face. That made me smile and suddenly I was thinking of the reason for my bad mood.

I still haven’t found the answer for my moody me…

… only took photos of it.



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