Meaningful moon

Or: Feeling unease when the moon is not there

For some people it is “just there” and this wonderful moon doesn’t mean anything to them. To me it does matter a lot. When I can’t see the moon I’m sad and unease.

I sometimes just wait for the moon to rise at night, ready to take the camera and head outside.

To me, the moon has a lot of meaning. It can lighten up the darkness at night, you can stop walking and stare at it or you just enjoy the moon and its presence.

I always enjoy myself while taking photos of the moon. So relaxing and calming.

It even can help to create a new way of taking a photo. It is just you, the camera and the moon.

It’s like a peaceful scene, captured on a digital device, always there to look at and to remember this very moment.

Things like that make me happy. The little things. No material things, they can break. Photos last. The experience last. The memory last.

No-one can take it from you. The memory that you took the photos will last in you and your heart. The feeling of absolute freedom and joy you can always remember by looking at the photos.

The photos you take, the memory you gained and the joy you felt. Cherish the little things in life and be thankful for what you have.

The moon always shows me that. I always should be thankful for everything I have…

…and I am.

Maybe that’s why I’m sad when I can’t see the moon. I can’t capture another photo of the moon. Maybe I miss another memory when it’s not there? Maybe I’m too afraid of missing things.

I just need to remember myself to cherish what I have. Every day. 

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