Hidden gems

Or: Finding and collect them

Let Mother Nature lead you to different worlds, in my case: it was the garden. I didn’t know that there are hidden gems, I had no idea how much I would enjoy this all, I truly did.

I was playing around with filters and light. I needed to practice more with the camera and all settings that the camera has to offer. It was so inspiring just sit there in the garden and taking photos of the nature.

I had no idea what I would discover in the innocent garden. All out of the sudden there were flowers! Growing in between all these branches, hidden during Winter and now Spring is approaching, showing themselves.

Amazing work of Mother Nature. I was impressed. I couldn’t stop taking photos and to be honest… I don’t wanted to stop.

The sun was hiding behind the clouds, but this light was kind of magical.

Sometimes you don’t need the full light of the sun. Create a mood with your camera and your fantasy!

And you don’t need to walk far away from your home. I’m sure you have hidden gems somewhere nearby.

You need to discover all these gems and collect them with your camera.

Let Mother Nature inspire you and look around you.

I was thankful that I discovered it all. If you look closely and if you have an eye for detail, you will be never disappointed in finding new worlds…

After one hour the rain set in and I had to leave this beautiful little world called “garden”.

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