Around the house

Or: Rainy days are making me inventive 

A good old rainy day in Manchester and nothing to do…? Not for me. I had a look around to practice my photography skills. I found a few things.

Like these plastic roses in front a window.

Or this cactus. Nothing big here but I spend quite a lot of time to find the right angle and light.

Another painting by me. It is currently hanging in the hallway and here I was trying to imply movement into a photo.

It was great little photoshoot I had during the day. Being inventive with light and shadow or implying movement was fun. This way I didn’t miss a day of practicing my photography skills.

I always try to improve myself as an artist. I think it is really important to do so.

Discovering new ways to be an artist. In the garden, outside of the house or inside. There is no ending…

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