A banner in 80’s style?

Or: I don’t know how to make a banner in 80’s style and finding out how


After the first banner for the Paranormal – X team, my boyfriend told me that he wants to have a banner for his Soundcloud profile. Of course I will do one for him since I really like his music because he always puts so much effort in it.

I started to make a banner when he told me it should be a banner in 80’s style. Well, I wasn’t prepared for that really. I’ve tried my best to do a good solid 80’s banner.

I came up with a number of designs for that.

  1. cachebuster1

I had a look around in the internet to get inspiration. I found that the 80’s were very colourful and happy. And with a lot of lines in various shapes.

2. cachebuster2

So slowly an idea came into my mind. Should be something with lines in all directions. Wasn’t sure if my boyfriend would like it.

3. cachebuster3

More and more designs were coming into my head the more I was on that banner. I was playing around with a few options and found it easier just to go with the flow.

4. cachebuster5

Various ideas later, I’ve sent my boyfriend these and waited for his response. He said that he likes this banner:

5. cachebuster4big

So he made his decision and I was happy that I could help him.

Sometimes all you need to do is diving into the genre, like an 80’s style banner. And sometimes all you need to do is not giving up at all. It took me a bit to create all these banners, I needed to delete a lot before. But in the end I was satisfied with all of them.

If you want to find Cachebuster’s Soundcloud profile, click the link below and listen to his music, very inspiring and relaxing music as well!

Cachebuster Soundcloud

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