Editing photos: solving problems

Or: The second official banner for Paranormal – X

Mark, Simon and the new member: Helen

On the 20th of February I joined another live stream from Paranormal – X, they announced the stream with “Live Updates & BIG news”. Well, I’m always curious about big news anyways and so I joined after 9 minutes. I was about to get up and grab some water from the kitchen when I heard my name. I was like: “Uh, yes?” Mark told me that I might, errm no, I have to do a new banner for them because they had a new member in their team. Oh! That was something really good!

But then Mark said a lot more than only that. He thanked me for making the effort and spending time to make a banner for them, for free. I have to say a few things to that: we are a community, a family and from family I would never take money. (Would it be a total stranger, then I would!) When I can help, I’m always there and I try my best. Third: it was my pleasure!

To start the banner I’ve decided to make a similar banner like before, but slightly different.

I worked with these 4 photos:


markghost simonghost



I decided to cut out Mark and Simon from the previous banner and use their layout for the new banner. Helen gave me her permission to use her photo (Thank you, Helen!). There were a few problems with her photo:

  • it was really small
  • the pixel quality was not good
  • her hair wasn’t fully there

I was thinking about it. How can I make it look like that she was always a member of the team? First of all: she needed to be a “ghost” too. That was quite a fiddly job since her photo was only 302 x 302 pixel compared to the photos from the guys with 936 x 1230 pixel (the 2 photos above).

First: I cut Helen out, so it was just her head. I was quite concerned about how to fix the missing hair her on the bottom right. But that was a thing I needed to solve later. I pasted the cut photo onto a black background. I know, it’s a simple step but it was necessary to proceed and edited her photo to make her look like a ghost:

Step 1: helen-cut Step 2: helenframe-kopie Step 3: helenghost-kopie

I placed Mark, Simon and Helen onto a blank banner sized background,  added the Clifftop Ruin photo and started to edit the banner. The fiddly part began:

I needed to solve the problem with her hair, because it was cut off. So I had a closer look and added hair to the back part of her head. I’ve tried to imagine how she might look like. As you can see, due to editing process of the photo, a lot of her hair went missing. I started to draw with a fine brush (3 pixels, zoom: 180%) her hair in the colour that was given and added more and more hair. I needed to erase the hair from the left of her face and “draw” it back to make it look like it was behind her face. That took a bit of time, took a bit of time but worth it!

Third: I needed to reduce the pixel visibility by adding more pixels for a 4000 x 1100 pixel banner. Otherwise it would have been obvious that the photo wasn’t taken with the guys together in one shoot. So, I selected the brush again, 1 pixel and zoomed in to 500% and started to smooth out the edges from the face. It was indeed a fiddly part BUT fun nonetheless.

This is what I saw for long time:


Then I saw that Helen’s neck wasn’t there anymore after the first 3 steps of editing, it looked like her head would float, so I’ve added a neck and longer hair to her photo and adjusted the size of her head to fit to the others.

After I finished that I placed the text and making a few changes overall, like the photo background etc. (And thank you guys for the quick responses throughout the day, it really helped me and thanks to my boyfriend who kept me motivated!)


I started this banner around 2 p.m. and with breaks for preparing dinner, eating dinner and doing a bit of housework I finished the banner around 10 p.m. in the evening. I think I’ve spent around 6 1/2 hours for the banner which is good in my opinion.

All in all a good experience and a lot of fun! So thank you guys for asking me again if I would do this. Anytime.

And a massive thank you to Paranormal – X for all the great videos and investigations they have made so far. (Click the links below to learn more about the paranormal investigation team)

Links to find Paranormal-X on the web:

Website: www.paranormal-x.co.uk

YouTube channel: Paranormal-X (Paranormal Investigators)

Facebook: Paranormal-X Team

Twitter: ParanormalXTeam

Google+: Paranormal-X

A massive thank you to my boyfriend who was there and motivated me. And always motivates me. I’m proud to have you in my life.

During the whole editing I was listening to a lot of music, especially the album “Look up, I’m down there” by Project Pitchfork (German band). And one song was playing while finishing the banner, it was “Sunset Devastation”. I will use my favourite line to end this blog and say thank you for reading.

“… the city far behind us
and smoke up in the sky
with wings we didn’t ask for
we never dared to fly…”

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