No real sleep and the water bottle

Or: Seeing a different world in everything


I can remember these photo I’ve taken in an almost sleepless night. I really couldn’t find any sleep at this time. No chance.


So I got up and was staring into the dark for a while. I saw my water bottle and an idea was coming through.


Why not taking the bottle, open the bottle top, turn on the flashlight from my phone and put it under it. And then: simply take photos from the top of the bottle? I was holding the camera lens right at the top and was shaking the bottles a few times.


There I was, in the dark, taking photos from a… bottle. Well, you have to be inventive and you always have to try out new things, right?


After one hour of taking numerous photos, I finished my bottle shoot and decided to try to sleep.


Few hours of sleep later I edited the photos with simple filters, nothing much really.


And there we go, a few photos from a bottle. Some are looking really weird but kind of fascinating. A little world inside every photo.


I really enjoyed that little night shoot, it was relaxing and I had a lot of photos, but only these were good enough in my eye.

No matter what you have around you, there a little worlds waiting to be captured. It could be simple wrapping paper around a light source and then you could take close-ups from it. Anything you want!

The only thing you need: time.

(And maybe a little bit of sleep)

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