Editing photos: forget about time

Or: Soothing the mind with creating and editing

Mark (left) and Simon (right), first banner for the paranormal investigators Paranormal-X

I was always a fan of editing photos. I could do that for hours and hours! I find it very relaxing and calming. I just dive right into it and forget about the time. With this project I really did… forgot about making food and almost burned the potatoes in the pan. But only almost.

I saw a post on Facebook of one of my favourite paranormal investigation groups named Paranormal-X. They were asking for a new banner for their online appearance. I was thinking about that for a while. I’ve decided to give it a shot. I’m definitely not a pro in editing but I wanted to try it.

Paranormal investigators want to find the ultimate proof of the afterlife and the spirit world, so they can validate that the life after death does exist. They all make an horrendous effort to travel to places and investigate the area. It could be a castle, a house, woods, graveyard, wherever the people say it might be a haunted place. I was following the YouTube channel from Paranormal-X for quite a while now. They are respectful, they fake nothing, they got a lot of equipment and they take their job serious whenever they are in a haunted place. I do believe in the paranormal as well, it is fascinating, (sometimes) scaring but also touching for me. (I think I will write another post about paranormal investigations to explain more.)

First I was looking for a good concept. Their YouTube channel and Facebook page was a black background, the word ‘Paranormal’ in white font and the X in red. I was thinking about what to use here as a background, should be something that looks like a haunted place. I’ve decided to have a look through my photos taken in Broadstairs. I found something which looks like a abandoned ruin:

Clifftop Ruin, Broadstairs

I had a few more looks through my folder and found a suitable photo. It’s the archway. (I’ve spent an hour to take photos at the seadside of Broadstairs and it was worth it. Ended up taking about 350 photos just from that little walk. It was amazing to walk at the seaside. It was just me and the camera.)

Clifftop Ruin in the sunset

I’ve decided to take a close-up photo from the archway (entrance). Like a portal to the other side. I thought it fits perfectly to the theme of Paranormal-X.

The entrance to the Clifftop Ruin, photo taken from outside

I’ve edited the photo and cropped it to banner size. Then I needed to decide how I should proceed. I was asking for permission to use photos they had on their Facebook profile. I got the permission. (Thank you guys!) I’ve put these two cropped photos onto my background and tried to make it look like two ghost faces. It took me a bit of time to do so (as I said I’m not a pro). I was satisfied with the result. And then choosing a font and of course the ‘X’ in red followed by the website’s name.

I’ve decided to slightly change the font too, just to give the guys the option to choose what they like. I wasn’t sure at first if that is good enough but I’ve sent the two versions of the banner. After a few minutes I was overwhelmed by their response. They absolutely liked it! And that made me proud, really proud.

second version
The second version of the banner

The next day I’ve made another banner as I’ve told them to do so. I really enjoyed making it too. This is how it looked like in the end, almost finished:

Sometimes you need a little help. The lines were helping a lot.

You can see, I needed lines to make sure everything is in the right place. Don’t like it when anything isn’t there where it belongs. Especially when I edit photos. As you can see, I needed a lot of lines but it was good that I did so (I think). I took a photo from their website where they actually stand together, normally Mark on the left and Simon on the right. I first took the photo like it was and placed onto my background, but my artistic eye told me that something isn’t right. It looked strange. So I cut them out and swapped their positions. Much better in my opinion.

It took time to adjust all layers but it was worth to take the time. All in all I needed about 4 hours (or a bit more) to finish this banner. I am proud of that one too. The look is not overwhelming, it’s neat. I did 4 versions of it. But I prefer the following one:

Final second banner for Paranormal-X

In total I needed 4 photos to do 2 banners in different variations. It was really fun to do so. I find it always calming and when I’ve started something I always want to finish it the same day. No matter how long it takes as long as it is in time and as promised.

The guys were awesome and thankful for what I’ve done. They appreciated the work and the time I invested in these two banners. Thank you guys, the pleasure was all mine.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed to share everything about this with you. If you, readers, are interested in paranormal investigation and you want to find out more about Paranormal-X, then click on the links below.

Actually, something comes into my mind while thinking how to end this post. It’s a line from a song from The Covenant (Swedish band) called ‘Dead Stars’:

Dead stars…

… still burn.

Dead still…

stars burn.

Links to find Paranormal-X on the web:

Website: www.paranormal-x.co.uk

YouTube channel: Paranormal-X (Paranormal Investigators)

Facebook: Paranormal-X Team

Twitter: ParanormalXTeam

Google+: Paranormal-X

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