10. Sadness and happiness

Or: When sadness takes over and happiness is resting

Sad Rose

I have spent a lot of time for this drawing to escape this sadness that I felt inside of me. My happiness wasn’t there, I couldn’t smile, couldn’t think of anything good, couldn’t be bothered to be happy.

I distracted myself with a drawing of a rose because it requires focus to put the detail in and time to get it right. I wasn’t thinking of anything else, just that I have to draw this rose and I have to get it right.

After hours and hours of drawing, a few little breaks and something to eat, I finished it. I was tired, exhausted, still sad but only could think of one thing: I need to go to bed, I’m tired. I saved this drawing and went to bed.

And then… I was happy. I finished another drawing, took another step to find myself and another day had passed without even noticing it. A good day in the end.

You see that in a sad mood lies sometimes happiness. It was just resting for a bit, no one can be happy all the time (like I said). You feel sad? Be sad! You feel happy? Be happy! You are moody? Be moody! Do whatever it takes to get through a situation. Sometimes it’s for the best when you do nothing and you just stay in that mood.

And the best thing about being in a mood: you can create art. Without emotions and feelings there would be no art. No music, no drawings, no paintings, no poems, nothing! That would be a sad thing, no inspiration, no understanding, this world would be much colder and dark. But you know you can bring some light into the darkness and warm up someone’s heart. With what? Exactly: your art. Art is everything, not only paintings, drawings… no. It is music, poems, playing the drums or a guitar, messing around with synthesizers, singing, even baking, crafting… There are so many forms of art! All you have to do is to find your form, your style and your way to express yourself with your art. I know you can do it. It’s not easy at first but don’t give up.

I didn’t.


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