14. Nightmares and Solutions

Or: Helping myself getting through a bad situation

Bad Clown

I hate clowns, this is something I am certain of. I never liked them and I never will. They are scary and they pretend to be happy when they aren’t under the mask. I had a nightmare where exactly a clown like this was running towards me with a dark, malevolent laughter and the horrible thing was: I couldn’t move. Something bad was after me and… I couldn’t move. I was stuck in that place. I was in pure panic and fear.

If you can’t move in your dreams, or in my case a nightmare, then you need to stand still in your private life. My private life was indeed very moving. I did a lot in my spare time and I think my body tried to tell me something. I should rest and do nothing for a bit.

Well, I dreamed about it and so I took a step back from running around and do things. I was resting for several hours between tasks and took my time. I helped myself in that with: doing nothing.

Additional to that, being unable to move in a dream/nightmare is a signal that you need to make decisions in your private life. I was about to make a decision but this one ended in nothing. At least I’ve tried everything but when someone doesn’t want you in his life, then you need to step back and remain silent.

I still can remember this nightmare. Horrible feeling, horrible laughter and horrible clown.

Sometimes the body and mind needs to stop you from doing things. And that was a harsh one but necessary in my opinions. So…

Listen to your body, if you can remember your dreams or nightmares, listen to that too. It’s important not to ignore yourself.

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