9. Body and soul

Or: Accept the way things are

Soul scream

Accepting yourself can be a massive challenge. Every day, every minute, every second. Sometimes you need to focus on yourself for a moment. It is important to feel yourself. If you can’t do that anymore then something isn’t right.

We can lose ourselves somewhere in this big crowded sea of people and forget how to live. I did for a long time. I was “working” like a robot. I felt that something isn’t right. I needed to accept myself again. It wasn’t easy, it took a lot of effort. I was trapped in my body and my soul wanted to break out. When you realise that all what you could have done before is kind of lost because your body doesn’t want to play along, you struggle with yourself. You keep asking yourself things like “Why me?” or “Why is my body not able to do that anymore?”. I did ask myself that numerous times and still: I got no answer. I just can’t do certain things anymore. I needed to accept the fact that my energy was limited from now on, that I needed breaks after every task I’ve done.

Difficult time for me to handle. But there was no way out, except: accepting. I’ve tried to do small tasks during the day with more breaks. After a while I felt better, knowing that I can take a break whenever I wanted and needed. Soon I realised that I could do things faster but needed a longer break which is fair enough. I was accepting it. And me.

My soul was screaming to get out of the body but it needed to stay in there. I had to accept the situation, so needed my soul.

Try to accept the way you are, the way things are and how things are. If you can’t change immediately, then try to do that in your own pace. You are behind the wheel, you decide what you want to do and what you need at this very moment. Look into the mirror, try to give yourself a smile, accept yourself.

Because: You are great!


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