8. To wither and to bloom again

Or: Enjoy the moment and listen to Mother Nature for a bit


You know, feeling like rubbish and with no energy it’s not a nice feeling. Especially when you want to do things, get things done or just walk a bit around the block. For a couple of weeks I couldn’t really do that, except from doing the little things there was no energy left.

I felt like a withering flower, almost dried out, physically and mentally. I needed to give my roots water again so I can bloom and shine like a flower in spring. That wasn’t easy to keep myself “hydrated”. I started to draw and let it all out.

The little things kept me going at this point. A little stroll around the block, a nice rainy day (I love rainy days on weekends, I really have no idea why), sunshine in the afternoon or a sunset. The sunset is the time where I feel comfortable because of all the colours that the sun provides. Did you ever stared at a sunset after a beautiful summer day? No? You should. One of the best shows that Mother Nature has to offer. Or the first sunlight after the rain, the incoming rainbow above the sky, the air after a heavy rainstorm. Take your time and stop for a moment. Smile, take a deep breath in and enjoy being you. Because no one else around you stopped to enjoy it. You saw a beautiful rainbow, the sun peeking out of the clouds, coming back to give light, the air to breath again. Even in winter there is something to enjoy. When it’s dark I love to put up indirect lights everywhere so it’s nice and cosy.

After drawing I needed something to keep myself in a good mood. This is what I did to keep myself “hydrated”: I just stopped for a moment, enjoyed the little thing that came across. In my situation it was a lightning storm crawling into the city and exploded over it. A beautiful show that Mother Nature did there, so much effort for us little beings here. I smiled and enjoyed it all. The lightning, the thunder, the wind, the rain. I went out to feel the rain on my head, I felt that my roots were growing again, draining the water into my body and I was happy in this moment.

I didn’t feel like I would wither anymore. But before the lightning storm I did. After that, I felt refreshed in mind, body and soul.

I can only give an advise: watch a sunset, a sunrise, a rainbow, lightning storm or just a bee sitting on a flower. It can only do you good to enjoy the little things. Stop whatever you are doing and look around you. You will see a whole new world and maybe you will find more of yourself in there.

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